Do you always tell the truth?

We all do, don’t we?

Of course you do. We all tell the truth, don’t we? Apart from that really small minority of people who commit crimes and end up in court. And apart from the white lies that we all tell when you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. And then there are the small fibs we tell that don’t appear to do any harm because no one ever checks up. Or the lies where if there is any harm, it is to a faceless corporation, not a real person. And for some people that includes the online forms we fill in when looking for car and home insurance.

Little white lies are not always what they seem

The majority of us use some form of price comparison website to research car and home insurance. Because of the way the information forms are set up, most of us realise that the answers we give will effect the price of our insurance. So when we are asked what type of locks we have, we understand that the question is related to how good the security is in our house and how likely we are to be burgled. Or when we are asked whether we have points on our driving license, we understand that the question is getting at how safe a driver we are. But what some people don’t seem to realise, or realise but choose to ignore, is that deliberately filling in the forms with wrong information may be fraud.


It is not “other people’s money”. We all have to pay more

Insurers know this, because they keep their own records, and because they can see the way that people fill in the online forms. If they choose to, they can watch the keystrokes we make online, to track the customers who go back up the online information form to lower the number of points they admit to having on their driving license – so they can get lower motor premiums. But millions of people use price comparison websites every year, so tracking every single keystroke of every individual would be difficult and expensive. As a result, for now the insurers do the straightforward thing – they increase the prices for everyone, honest and dishonest, to offset the customers that are committing fraud.


It doesn’t have to be like this. It can be different. PolicyCastle is different

At PolicyCastle we ask our members to be very careful when they fill in our information forms. We do understand that everyone can make a mistake, and that some pieces of information are not carried around in our heads. So we ask our members to prove as much of the information they give to us as they can, so we can be certain of the facts. Most of us have smartphones, which makes it easy to fill in forms when it is convenient and we deliberately set up our forms to capture information accurately. Members can use the cameras on their phones to prove what they have told us. And it means we can show the insurance companies our members are telling the truth. That means we can ask those insurance companies to offer our members the best value prices, and deal with members’ claims quickly.


We want to rebuild trust between the insurers and our members, for everyone’s benefit.

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