Home Guard

Most of us have some sort of nagging worry when we shut the front door to go away on holiday. We can go back to check if we have turned off the iron. We also often worry about burglary while we are away. That makes sense – the majority of burglaries occur when we are out of our homes.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

If we leave it to when the taxi to the airport is waiting outside, there isn’t much we can do to reduce the chances of being burgled. I have written in a separate post about simple things we can do to lower the risk day to day. This post is about the preparations we can make before we go on holiday, so we can feel confident we will not come back to a nasty surprise.

Anyone home?

Make sure that there won’t be any deliveries while you are away. Papers, letters, packages sticking out of the letterbox are a giveaway.

Cancel any regular deliveries: Papers – Milk – Groceries

Make sure all valuables are out of sight of the windows. Temporary net curtains or blinds would stop anyone looking in if you don’t already have some.

Buy some timer switches, and set them up so that lights go on and off during the evening.

Dads’ (and Mums’) army

Your neighbours can be a massive help when you are away. This is the time to call in the favour from when you fed their goldfish. Keeping an eye on your property. Making sure the door to the bin store is closed after the bin men have been, or there are no parcels sitting on your doorstep – obvious giveaways that no one’s home.

Make sure your neighbours know how to contact you while you are away, so that if something does happen, they can let you know.

PolicyCastle works to help its members with security

At PolicyCastle we know that our members care about the security of their homes. Most people know that improving security can help reduce insurance premiums, as well as being a good thing for peace of mind. We are working with insurers so that PolicyCastle members that take extra care about security can see extra discounts on their premiums, wherever they live.


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