Steer clear of ambulance chasers

The old days of meekly accepting bad service or harsh treatment from insurers have gone haven’t they? Well I hope so and judging from the record numbers of cases the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) handles each year, that’s true. The FOS’ services are entirely free to private policyholders, and informal too.

So is it worth paying a chunk of your money  – maybe up to a 30% share of any compensation – for help from claims companies?

 Should you pay for help?

Generally these claims companies can add nothing to what that the Financial Ombudsman Service can do. The FOS deals with thousands of complaints each month, they have trained and qualified staff and what is more the FOS can achieve results beyond the letter of the law if they feel you have been unfairly treated.

At PolicyCastle, we want our community to know what they can achieve for themselves, without having to give away what is rightfully theirs to claims companies. The best way to start is to try to talk and resolve the issue directly with the insurer. This may well mean finally putting the complaint in writing. After eight weeks if you do not hear anything or if what you do hear isn’t what you feel is right, then call the FOS.

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  1. Plaindealer says:

    If you are involved in a car accident that’s not your fault the FOS cannot recover any claim you might have against the other driver. Despite a government clamp down on the practice, you may still be bothered by ambulance chasers offering some kind of free service in return for a share of any recovery. Even genuine solicitors when they cold call you never tell you where their information allegedly came from and some calls are a downright scam, so its best to avoid them altogether. This is where your motorists legal expenses insurance, which you should seriously consider adding to your motor policy, kicks-in. If you don’t have this cover, well funnily enough, the other driver’s insurance company can often help!


  2. Graham Ripley says:

    If you have had a “cold call” from one of these claims management companies check out
    where they set out the latest regulation. You can see if they are a genuine registered company and report cold calls.


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