5 Ps

Most of us know people who have had to make home insurance claims, sometimes large claims, because of fire, or flood, or burglary – or we have had to make claims ourselves. So we buy home insurance because we care about our homes, and we want to be able to fix problems quickly if they happen.

Statistics suggest that a lot of people take real care when they buy home insurance to get the right policy with the right cover. But only a minority take some of the obvious steps to make sure they are prepared if they need to make a claim.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Make sure you have access to key telephone numbers and policy documents – not just paper copies in a drawer at home, but if you no longer have access to your home – or your phone.

Keep an inventory – it is very difficult to remember everything if you can’t walk around to look because of damage, or if you are in shock after a break-in. Keep a record of how much high value items cost, and have photographs to prove they are yours (keep receipts if possible). Have photos of whole rooms in your home to remind you of smaller items.


Make it easy to contact your insurer if you need to make a claim.

Make it easy to list what you need to claim for.

Make it easy for your insurer to recognise you are making a genuine claim.



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