Stay Calm and Keep Complaining!

If your insurer just won’t agree with your complaint it must send you what is known as a “Final Response” letter. Well, for a start it isn’t final unless you give up, but it does tell you that their complaints process is ended and that you have six months to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You may be tempted to let it rest there telling yourself that after all the insurer has all the experience in dealing with complaints like yours and must  confident of  its position.

Here’s when I reveal that on average over half of all “Final Responses” are overturned by the FOS, and for some the rate is much, much higher. How can they be so wrong, at your expense, given that these companies have for years dealt with thousands of complaints and should know just what the Ombudsman will think?

Remember that it costs you nothing to refer to the FOS and you have an average 50% chance of success!

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