Cheap is not the same as good value

36% of UK insurance customers say value for money is their essential requirement, according to recent research by Target Group*. Only 17% see the cheapest price as being essential. 33% of those surveyed research policies on smartphones and tablets, with 53% of customers looking to acquire insurance products entirely online. Only 13% said that they wanted…

It’s good to talk

PolicyCastle’s recent experience demonstrates the UK insurance industry wants to innovate. In large and small insurers we have found Head Office teams, Corporate Strategy teams and Operational teams all engaging with us to improve things for the consumer. In that spirit, we offer some constructive criticism back to the large insurers:

Home is where the heart is

Most of us have things in our homes that are really important to us – as well as our family! The true value may be sentimental, but if it is something made to measure (a set of golf clubs?), or a collection that has developed over time (racing bikes?), or something inherited (jewellery from Granny?),…

Razed to the ground

Do you insure your home for its market value? If so you may be paying too much premium because it’s the rebuilding cost which should be the amount you insure. These values may be different because you do not have to insure the value of the land, although you do have to make an allowance…

Airforce One

The latest hobby, flying a drone, has certainly “taken off” in the last few years as costs have fallen and app based controls have become straightforward. But if things go wrong large drones can cause a lot of injury and damage, so have you checked the cover under your policy?