Airforce One

The latest hobby, flying a drone, has certainly “taken off” in the last few years as costs have fallen and app based controls have become straightforward. But if things go wrong large drones can cause a lot of injury and damage, so have you checked the cover under your policy?

Of course when stored at home a drone is nothing more than an item of contents but when flying are you covered if you use it negligently? Most home insurance policies won’t cover liability for using motorised vehicles and aircraft. Is a drone especially a micro drone just a gadget, or is it an aircraft? Frankly it’s all so new that insurers seem to have an inconsistent answer to this question.

Some say hobby use is covered, others say quite the opposite. At PolicyCastle, if you have a drone that you use outside your home, we recommend you contact your insurer and get an email or a letter that makes your cover clear.

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