It’s good to talk

PolicyCastle’s recent experience demonstrates the UK insurance industry wants to innovate. In large and small insurers we have found Head Office teams, Corporate Strategy teams and Operational teams all engaging with us to improve things for the consumer.

In that spirit, we offer some constructive criticism back to the large insurers:

You need to improve internal communications.

Often we find that the members of the corporate strategy team have been brought in from outside the industry to provide new ideas. And they are doing that. But often they don’t know the operational teams very well – usually they are sitting in different offices. So external communications are faster than internal communications.

“Big companies are not good at internal communications” is hardly new news.

What is the answer?

No doubt it is different in each case. But corporate strategy teams spending more time listening to operational teams, in the same room, ought to help.


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  1. Graham Ripley says:

    I think the basic principles here are not endemic to the insurance industry, neither are they new but are held in common with many established and larger organisations. Silos and silo loyalty develop, there are too many operational layers and not enough focused lateral teamwork. This kind of “structural drag” exacerbated by legacy processes makes it hard for businesses to innovate and respond to change no matter how clearly they envision the need to do so. There is no magic bullet. It requires grit, cut the layers, mix the silos and jump over today’s issues and start building a more agile tomorrow!


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