Like most people, when I realised my family needed a new home, I thought about our requirements: number of bedrooms, location, distance to schools and transport links, and then what we could afford. I looked for what we needed for a good price, doing most of my research on my mobile phone.

Choosing the right home insurance policy to protect that home should be a similar process, but up to now it hasn’t been.

I founded PolicyCastle because when I tried to buy home insurance using my mobile phone, I couldn’t be sure I was buying the cover my family needed. Some standard policies seemed to provide what we needed, some didn’t. I wanted the right home insurance policy at a good price, not necessarily the cheapest out there, and the different policies were difficult to compare. When I bought through an insurance broker, they provided the information I needed, but everything had to be done very slowly.

So I decided to set up an insurance broker, fit for your mobile phone.

Edmund Dilger

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