Pokemon Go-ing, going, gone?

It’s probably the most popular mobile app so far, but what home insurance issues does it raise?

There have already been some accidents and trespassing in the USA as players search for Pokemon oblivious of their surroundings. Is this relevant to your home insurance?

Well, for a start, the liability sections of your policy should normally protect you against the cost of damage to other people’s property, or inadvertently causing them injury as you play. This also applies if any failure in your own property, such as rubble, dangerous paving slabs etc. causes a pre-occupied player to stumble and be injured.

As a player making sure your mobile is covered is important too. Be careful of buying expensive separate gadget cover if it can be added to the “All Risks” or “Personal Items” section of your home policy.


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  1. Richard says:

    Or you could get Pokedex insurance! https://row.co.uk/pokedex-insurance


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