Upgrading your home security is a win double

When you apply for home insurance, you can’t fail to notice that the application form requires detailed information about whether your home has an alarm and what locks you have on external doors and windows. You won’t be surprised to learn that this detail is required because having an alarm, and having good locks, reduces your chances of being burgled. Insurers see this because their databases track what alarms and locks are installed on houses when a claim is made for a break in.

It is worthwhile learning from the insurers’ experience and having better locks installed. It means you are less likely to be burgled. Also your insurance premiums may fall (all other things staying the same), as insurers typically charge lower premiums for homes with good security – your decrease in insurance premiums may pay for your new locks.

If you are thinking about installing smart locks in your home, read PolicyCastle’s blog on smart home insurance

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