How to avoid pain when making a home insurance claim

Prove it

Insurers’ claims teams want to see proof that the event you are claiming for has happened – unfortunately they have to watch out for fraudulent claims. Often providing proof is straightforward. But if your valuables were stolen by a burglar and you didn’t report the theft to the police, then your insurer may doubt what you are telling them.

Consider the benefit of making a claim against the value of your no claims discount

If the cost of repair or replacement is only a small amount above your excess, then it may not be worth going through the claims process – the amount you receive from your insurer may be less than the value of your no claims discount. So if the damage was £550 and you have an excess of £500, it may be worth paying the extra £50 yourself. That way you keep your no claims discount – which covers the whole insured value of your property – for next year.

Check your insurance policy covers what you are claiming for

It is important to check your policy provides the cover you need – when you buy it. Most insurance policies have exclusions, which will be listed in your policy document. There is no point calling your insurer to tell them about something that you are not covered for.



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