Five gold rings

Sadly, most of us won’t be given five gold rings on the fifth day of Christmas. But we may well be given, or give, some expensive presents that we would really want back if they were ever stolen.

What can you do now to help the police if your valuables are taken by a burglar in the years to come?

Have you noted the serial numbers of laptops and TVs? Most of us have smartphones, we can quickly store serial numbers by taking a photo of them – store the photo in the cloud in case your phone is stolen!

Have you marked items that don’t have serial numbers? There are various ways we can invisibly mark our things, including ultra-violet marking pens.

And keep receipts for valuable items. Your insurance company is likely to want to see proof that you owned a valuable item if you claim for it, and a receipt, or a photo of a receipt, is the right way to prove it.

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