Away for New Year? Don’t come back to January blues at home

Going away over New Year has become more and more popular. If you are going away, you will probably think carefully about the security of your home and how to keep intruders out. But be careful you don’t leave electronic clues for anyone looking for an easy opportunity to break in:

  1. Don’t change your landline answer machine message to say you are away.
  2. Check your security settings on your social media – so that only your friends can see any pictures of you enjoying some winter warmth or ski mountain air, showing you are away from home.

If you are leaving teenage children at home, make sure they realise the dangers of online party invitations going viral on social media, risking groups of uninvited people entering your home. Chances are your children may not understand what can go wrong, and most likely won’t be aware of the home insurance implications – theft may not be covered under your policy if the thieves didn’t have to break in but entered through an unlocked door. And while accidental damage cover is likely to pay out for damage done at a party that got out of hand, it will only pay out if you have added accidental damage cover to your policy – it isn’t included as standard for most policies.

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  1. Graham Ripley says:

    If when you applied for insurance you told your insurer that you have a burglar alarm, your policy may specify that when the house is unoccupied, even for a short while, the alarm must be set. Its possible that if you fail to do so claims may be rejected. So its really worth while getting in to the habit of taking full precautions against burglary, alarms, locks etc., whenever the house is unoccupied however briefly..


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