What can you do if flooding is forecast in your area?

Unfortunately, the effects of a flood can be devastating. There are things you can do to prepare your home, which hopefully will reduce the damage.

  1. Gas, electricity and water supplies: turn them off at the mains.
  2. Contents in your home: move them high up, preferably upstairs, particularly your valuable items.  Unplug all electrical items.
  3. Internal doors: leave open so that they are not damaged by water building up on one side and then bursting through. Remove from their hinges if possible.
  4. Stop flood water coming in through the outflow pipe: install a temporary toilet pan seal.
  5. Phone and important documents: keep in a watertight container.

Check your home insurance cover, and make sure you have the contact details of your insurer.

Don’t forget to check on your neighbours.

You may need to evacuate your home. Keep with you a bag containing the things you may need when you return to your home to start clearing up: rubber gloves, boots and waterproof clothing, a torch, batteries, radio and a first aid kit.


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