Doorstep security

As more and more of us use the convenience of shopping online, we have become accustomed to deliveries after dark to our front doors. But beware of burglars who try to trick their way into your home.

Four tips:

  1. Always use your front door’s spy-hole, or look through a window to see who is at the door. You will need to have a light above your door to identify callers after dark.
  2. If you are unsure who it is, open your door on the security chain.
  3. Ask the person for their identification.
  4. Don’t let them into your home unless you are certain they are legitimate.

Also look out for tricksters pretending to be passers-by concerned by something on the exterior of your property. They could be trying to get you to step outside and leave your door open, allowing their accomplice to get in. Always close and lock your front door even if you are only stepping outside for a few minutes.



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