Are you covered for help around your home?

About a third of homes in Britain employ someone to help with domestic jobs, such as cleaning or gardening.

You may not be aware that the contents section of your home insurance policy typically covers domestic employer’s liability – that is your legal liability for damages paid as compensation for an accident to someone working in your home that results in injury or illness – up to £10 million for any one incident.

But domestic employer’s liability cover usually isn’t provided under the buildings section of home insurance policies, so if you have only bought buildings insurance then you may not have cover if someone working in your home were to have an accident.

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  1. Graham Ripley says:

    More good advice here, but not everyone realises that if you employ help directly (that is not through an agency or a self employed person) such as a nanny, gardener,even a carer then you are indeed an employer. An employer has strict legal responsibilities to issue a contract of service, payslips, deal with tax etc.


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