Smoke alarms are worth every penny

88% of homes in England have a working smoke alarm, according to Home Office statistics. It is striking that 30% of domestic fires and 35% of domestic fire fatalities are in the 12% of homes that don’t have a smoke alarm.(1)

36% of the fatal fires in homes are caused by smokers’ materials, the largest category of cause. They appear to be the most dangerous type of fire as smokers’ materials cause only 6% of the total number of domestic fires. 50% of fires in the home are started by cooking appliances – but these caused 6% of fatalities.(1)

As well as the clear safety benefits from having a smoke alarm, they benefit your pocket – most insurers recognise having a working smoke alarm reduces the chances of home insurance claims, so they give a discount to policyholders who have them.

(1) Source: Home Office Statistical Bulletin 08/16, Fire Statistics England, 2014/15, 29 June 2016



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