Storm Doris to hit the UK this Thursday

High winds are forecast in the next few days as Storm Doris will hit on Thursday, particularly affecting the North of England.

If you have a garden, check for any items that could be blown around and cause damage to your property – toys, barbecues, light tables and chairs, even bicycles could all become hazards if moved by high winds. If you have a shed in your garden, check that the door is firmly secured on its hinges and locked shut so that the door can’t be blown off and cause damage.

It may be too late to get repairs done if you have any loose tiles on your roof. But if you can do it safely, then check your gutters are clear, so they don’t get blocked during heavy rainfall. But be careful – don’t risk injury by climbing a ladder if the wind is already picking up.

This is the Met Office’s 95 second video on the weather fronts that are creating Storm Doris.

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