Storm Doris aftermath

Yesterday’s Storm Doris caused injuries and, particularly sadly, a woman’s death. It also caused damage to many homes. If your home has been damaged, be alert to the possibility of danger from damaged gas pipes or electricity cables, or from unstable structures falling.

Once you have assessed any damage, you may want to contact your insurer’s claims team. Before you do that, make a list of all the damage, and take photos.

Think about whether you need to make a claim under your buildings or contents insurance. If you have separate insurers for buildings and contents and you need to claim under both policies, you will need to contact both insurers; if you have combined insurance you will only need to contact one insurer. If you are a tenant, your building is your landlord’s responsibility, so you should tell them what has happened.

When you contact your insurer’s claims team, try to have your insurance documents with you.

Your insurer may send you a claims form, or more likely for serious damage send a claims assessor to see what has happened.

When you speak to your insurer’s claims team tell them what needs to be fixed straight away to make your home secure, weather proof, and prevent future damage, so you can agree what to do, but don’t make any other repairs if an assessor is going to make an inspection.

Usually your insurer will appoint a repair company to make the repairs to your home. You can choose your own preferred company, but if the cost of the work is greater than the amount your insurer thinks it should cost, you may not be covered for the difference. Agree any additional work with your insurer before it starts.

Typically a storm affects a lot of homes in the same area, so local companies may find it difficult to make all the repairs needed in the following days – so it makes sense to speak to your insurer as soon as possible to start the claims process, and to provide your insurer quickly with all the information requested.


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