Is the home covered after a bereavement?

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, but even more so when needing to sort out any admin left behind and this can make such a time even more distressing, so it will always ease a stressful situation if you can be aware before.

If your family member has sadly passed away and there is no-one permanently residing at the property, advise the executors appointed to contact the insurer as soon as possible.  The policy will immediately be noted as ‘the executors of’ until probate has been passed. 

Once noted as ‘the executors of’ – full level of cover could be provided for the period of consecutive days agreed by your provider or cover can be amended immediately and beyond this point the cover of your policy will likely be restricted until renewal.  Normally no accidental damage cover will be provided, specified and unspecified items will be removed and you will be advised to remove valuables, money and credit cards. Add-ons such as Legal, Home Emergency and Identity Theft will no longer be offered, it will also be an assumption that contents will be reduced or removed.

From renewal if the property is still unoccupied, cover may not be provided, or cover will likely be restricted to Fire, Lighting, Earthquake and Explosion (FLEE).  Once probate is passed a new policy will need to be set-up in the new owner’s name.

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