The building bricks, how to be covered whilst works are in progress


Looking to do some improvements or renovations to your property? Whether the works require you to vacate your property or not, always advise your insurer prior to the works beginning.  Be prepared to have a Schedule of Works to hand, showing full details of the works to be carried out. 

Advise whether there will be scaffolding near windows/doors, the cost of works, how long the works are likely to take and to confirm whether your contractors have their own liability in place and if a Joint Contract Tribunal (JCT) has been drawn up.  A JCT is a contract between you and your contractors and shows who is responsible for covering the works and unfixed building materials and if this responsibility falls to you, it could in-turn fall to your insurer, so many insurers would not be prepared to cover under these circumstances.   Depending on the cost and extent of works, (particularly if the works are structural) will depend on whether your insurer will look to continue with your policy whilst works are in progress.   If your insurer does look to continue cover, they will look to exclude cover for the works or unfixed building materials, this is because the contractors should have their own liability in place to cover this, if for example any damage was caused to your property which directly resulted from the works by the contractors.  Insurers would also look to restrict cover for theft and attempted theft to forced or violent entry to or exit from the home whilst contractors have access.  Or cover may be restricted completely to Fire, Lightning, Earthquake and Explosion (FLEE).  Be aware if you do not provide information prior to any works being carried out you may not be covered in the event of a claim.

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