Saint Patrick’s Day!

One of the most favoured holidays across the world whether you’re Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is worth joining the Irish cheer, who are charmed for celebrating in true Gaelic style.

Just in London alone there are many events that will be going on from 17th March and over Saint Paddy’s weekend, including, a parade from Piccadilly to Trafalgar square, Irish dancing, food and beer stalls and every pub taking advantage of the Gaelic green holiday. 

This means this weekend will be hustling on the tubes and transport, with restaurants and bars packed, as well as the parade pulling in an impressive crowd; being such a lively holiday the only factor that could steal the luck of the Irish would be losing or having your mobile, wallet or bag stolen, which particularly, if nothing else, would be annoyingly inconvenient for buying your next Guinness.  So, make sure, along with your 3-leafed clover, you have your belongings secure.  Be aware before you go and join the shamrocking, check that you have cover under your home insurance away from the home, for theft and accidental loss and damage.  If you get your mobile and wallet/bag stolen, contact the police who will give you a crime reference number, cancel your cards and block your mobile, but in the spirit of Saint Patrick there’s no doubt your friends, family, or even merry strangers, will fiddle you a Guinness to keep you up with the shenanigans.

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