The clocks are going forward! You will lose an hour but you’ll gain those light evenings, let summer begin.


British Summer Time (BST) begins on a Sunday this year 26 March, which means the clocks will go forward an hour. 

You will lose an hour in bed, but it’s the start of summer, with longer evenings, the weather getting warmer (hopefully) and more time to spend doing all those things you’ve been planning with family and friends. Don’t forget when you’re enjoying warmer evenings to check you keep an eye out when you have your doors and windows open, as this may encourage an increased theft and attempted theft risk.

The UK adopted Daylight Saving Time (DST) during the First World War and introduced ‘summer time’.  The benefits now, have mixed reviews, with some saying it’s safer for children walking home from school in the evenings, but some say the risk is higher on the roads in the mornings. Nevertheless ‘springing forward and falling back’ is used worldwide affecting over a billion people every year.


Luckily with all the current gadgets, our clocks are internet connected so most of the change will be effortless, with your smartphone, tablet and TV changing without a peep from you, especially if you have Alexa she’ll probably remind you.


You will still need to change your boiler of course and any non-digital items, but at least at this time of year if you do forget, you’ll actually be early for work on Monday rather than late for that meeting.


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