EASTER is for Eggs? Here are a few insurance related terms this E-a-s-t-e-r…

Emergency access; is normally covered as standard under your home insurance, where loss or damage is made to your buildings and or contents caused when the emergency services, fire, police or ambulance need to gain access to your building by means of forced entry.  This would only be due to an emergency or perceived emergency involving you or your family.

Alternative accommodation; when your home cannot be lived in due to fire, flooding, escape of water, for example. As part of your claim, your insurance company will normally offer you and your family alternative accommodation whilst your property is being restored to a good state of repair.  If you let your property, insurance companies can look to reimburse you for loss of rent which you would have received if you had been letting out part of the home. All policies are different so check these details with your insurer and keep in mind all claims are taken on an individual basis.

Single Article Limit; is a maximum value for any one item for valuables and personal effects. Items over this value need to be disclosed to the insurer so that they can be specified on your policy. For example, if you have an antique, like a grandfather clock, over the single article limit, you will need to specify it within the home, ensuring your overall contents sum insured is adequate.  If you have an item of jewellery over the single article limit, that you would like cover for away from the home, you will need to specify it and there will likely be an additional charge, there may also be additional terms for this item.  Check on your policy what your single article limit is, as this can vary from insurer and from type of policy.

Theft; from the home is normally committed by opportunist offenders, but the risk of theft is significantly increased if accessible exits are not secured. Check what door and window locks your policy requires you to comply with as endorsements may apply and you may have an increased excess, or not be covered in the event of a theft claim if these are not in place.

Endorsement(s); refers to any variation or addition to the terms of your policy, they are requirements that your insurer has enforced in relation to a peril or condition within your policy which you are required to comply with, to be covered sufficiently in the event of a claim. Endorsements are shown in your policy documents.

Risk; one of the most commonly used words in relation to insurance, it is the essence of what insurance is and relates to many different aspects.  It can refer to your risk address, meaning the address which you insure with your company, as this can differ from your correspondence address.  Risk could refer to the risks that can present themselves, when an insurer is assessing the ‘risks’ to your ’risk address’ for example any flooding or subsidence in your area, or previous claims.  Risk would also refer to you as an individual and if your insurance history and your ‘risk address’ is worth insurers taking on your ‘risk’ in offering you insurance cover.


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