Organising a big Easter egg hunt?

It’s not quite Easter without an egg hunt. If you are organising a big Easter egg hunt at your home there are a few things to be aware of to ensure an effortless Easter hunt for all:


If you are having a very large event at your home, even it is a one off, you should advise your insurance company beforehand as many standard insurers would not look to offer or continue cover and you may not be covered in the event of a claim.


Your insurer will ask if you have liability in place and will likely ask for extra information from you.  For example; what is the estimated number of people to come to your event?  Do you have any large rivers or ponds in or near the boundaries of your home?  Do you have any additional events planned like bouncy castles that you have hired? Will you have any stalls? Are you providing any refreshments, any food/drink, or any alcohol?  If you are providing alcohol, have you got a license for this? Will visitors have access to your main dwelling and access to any balconies or roof tops for the views?  Do you have any high value items at home, for example paintings, or a safe containing any valuables? Will there be toilet facilities provided? If you’re looking to raise money, like raffles and prizes, particularly if there are high value items, where will the prizes be kept and how will the money be kept?

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