Don’t let your BBQ burn more than the sausages

A glimmer of sunshine and Brits across the country are organising the first of many BBQs, but with this great British tradition comes a high fire risk.  Fire is the fifth largest cause of home insurance claims in the UK and can cause extensive damage and disruption. 

One of the main causes of fire is BBQs being too close to flammable items, such as gazebos, tents, bushes and wooden sheds.

Some suggestions for ensuring a safe BBQ experience:

  1. If the weather is delightfully British and raining, DON’T BBQ INSIDE
  2. When using disposable BBQs ensure they are placed on a non-flammable surface and when finished with, they are not left unattended
  3. Set-up your BBQ far enough away from your home so that no sparks could reach it
  4. Avoid lighter fluid
  5. Use long-handled BBQ tools

Be aware that it is possible for fire claims related to BBQs to be rejected if your insurer assesses that the damage could have been avoided.

Most fire and rescue services will offer a Safe and Well visit where they offer a free inspection of your home.  They can advise of fire precautions, highlight potential fire risks in your home and advise you of the safest way to escape in the event of a fire.  You could even be eligible for free fire alarms to be installed.

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