Running a business from home? How do you know you’re still covered?

Do you run a business from your home? If you do, it’s important to be aware what you are covered for under your home insurance. If you use your laptop to check on your work emails or get ahead at work, this would normally be considered as clerical or administrative and would not be considered business use. However, if your occupation is one of the following for example; counsellor, physiotherapist, hairdresser and you do run a business from your home, some standard insurers may not necessarily want to cover you. 

If your current insurer is going to continue your cover, or an alternative insurer is going to take you on as a new customer, you will be expected to notify them of:

  • How many visitors do you have to your home on average per week?
  • Do you have a separate entrance for your visitors or do they have access to the whole of your property?
  • Does your property meet minimum security in regard to approved door and window locks (MSP)?
  • Do you hold any stock, or money, or tools of trade at your home in relation to your business?
  • If you do hold money at your home, how often do you bank it?
  • Is there anyone employed in relation to your business?

Keep in mind most insurers will normally not cover you in regard to any professional advice or service you give, or anything you supply in relation to your business. You should have separate business liability in place to cover you for this.  Theft and attempted theft will normally be restricted to forced and violent entry to and exit from the home and your insurer will likely remove accidental damage cover if there are visitors at the home.

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