Planning to do some DIY this bank holiday weekend? 3 things to remember for your insurance

  1. Painting and decorating

Should have little to no impact on your insurance.

  1. New kitchen, bathroom or doors

If for any plumbing or electrics you need to employ a contractor in your home, any contractor should have their own liability in place to cover them for any damage caused whilst they are working in your home. It is still recommended to advise your broker who will inform your insurer.

If you are changing external doors or locks, then this might change the security of your home. If it does then you should tell your broker who will inform your insurer. If you have improved security then it is possible you could receive a discount at your next renewal.

  1. Extension, or loft conversion

Always advise your broker of extensive works and always advise them prior to the works beginning, so they can tell your insurer.  When you alter the structure of your property you may need to extend your cover to a higher limit, or the works could affect whether the property continues to stay structurally sound or not. If you do not tell your insurer of extensive works then you may not be covered in the event of a claim. Tell your insurer of the cost of works and time frame.

Standard insurers may not be able to cover extensive works. Non-standard insurers may restrict your cover for the period of any structural changes to your property, for example any load-bearing walls being knocked down. They will likely exclude cover to your extension until it is fully completed and signed off by the contractors.

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