Accidentally not covered when it comes to accidental damage?

When you buy home insurance you are asked if you want to add accidental damage cover to your policy. Some accidents in the home are typically covered under the standard section of your policy, but many are not so it may be worthwhile buying additional accidental damage cover.

Different insurers can provide different cover, so the best way to find out whether you are covered correctly to suit your needs, is by checking your policy documents before you buy.

Here are a few examples of accidental damage that is typically covered under additional accidental damage cover:

Buildings section

Additional Accidental Damage cover:

  • Damage due to leaving taps on, from wash basins, sinks, bidets, showers and baths
  • Putting your foot through the ceiling when up in the loft
  • Drilling through a wire when doing some home improvements

Contents section

Additional Accidental Damage cover:

  • Spilling wine on your carpet
  • Damage to electrical equipment within the home for example, televisions, audio and video

Be aware most insurers will not cover accidental damage when your property is unoccupied and accidental damage would not cover loss or damage caused by wear and tear.

You can add additional accidental damage cover at any point throughout your policy year but keep in mind there will be an additional premium for the additional cover.

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