Recognising the support needed for housing, through Shelter

According to a Nationwide report, as of June 2017 the average London home costs £478,142 and the average price of a UK home is £211,301, meaning it is harder than ever for people to buy and in turn affecting the rental market, as well as financial struggles for those that do own.

According to the Ministry of Justice National Statistics, as of January to March 2017, the number of mortgage possession claims made to county courts continued to rise by 17% compared with the same quarter last year.

Shelter, a non-profit charity who has been offering housing advice since 1966, helps millions of people every year with housing difficulties. Every day 150 families in Britain become homeless and Shelter received over 5 million requests for help last year, with their help needed more than ever. They offer advice, support and legal services, no matter what a person’s situation, for homelessness, private renting, tenancy deposits, repossession, eviction, repairs, housing benefit and council housing.

Shelter also campaign to make housing more affordable, renting fairer and to cease homelessness. As Shelter supports millions of people yearly, they know the root cause of the housing crisis and set-out to combat the difficulties through changes in law; which they achieved in 2015 with having a bill passed to end revenge (retaliatory) evictions for over 9 million renters. They continue to strive for their vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone.

PolicyCastle understands the invaluable support Shelter offers across Britain, if you need their help or for more information on their campaigns visit their website –

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