Flood risk assessment

Ever more homes in the UK are now at risk of flooding. In 2015/2016, 9% of new homes constructed in England were in areas at high risk of river or coastal flooding, and 4,400 homes in the last five years were built against the advice of the Environment Agency, according to an article by iNews. In addition to this, the magnitude and severity of flooding across the UK is expected to increase due to climate change. A rise in global temperatures and an increase in levels of emitted greenhouse gases could increase the rate of evaporation, thus increasing the average amount of rainfall, and a warmer atmosphere is more able to hold more moisture, and therefore increases the intensity of downpour.  A further one million more UK homes are expected to become exposed to high-risk flooding, should global temperatures rise by 4°C, according to the Committee on Climate Change.

A survey conducted by the ABI found that over 2 in 3 homebuyers did not check flood risk before buying a home, leaving them unaware of hazards and unable to take steps to protect themselves.

How can I check if my home is at risk of flooding?

  • Visit the Government website and enter your address – the page will then inform you on whether your home is in or near a flood risk area. You can also use the Flood Maps on their website to learn more about the area’s flood risk (includes extent of flooding from rivers or the sea as well as extent of flooding from surface water)
  • You can get a report on your property from the Land Registry’s Flood Risk Indicator service, however this will cost £9

What can I do if my home is at risk of flooding?

  • Check for flood updates or sign up for flood warnings and updates by phone, email or text. (sign up with the Environment Agency)
  • Read PolicyCastle’s blog article about how to prepare if a flood is forecast for your area
  • Make sure your home is insured

During severe flooding in December 2015, about 16,000 houses were flooded in England. ABI (The Association of British Insurers) members paid around £1.3 billion for claims from customers affected by flood damage, with the average cost of a domestic property claim being £50,000. 3,600 families were helped into alternative accommodation, paid directly by insurers. (ABI)



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