Rebuild value for home insurance

If you are asked for the rebuild value of your home for your home insurance quote, do not use the estimated market value if you were to sell your property. The cost of rebuilding your home is likely to be different from the value you would receive if you sold your home because you do not have to insure the value of the land.

There are circumstances, more often than you might think, when the rebuilding cost is at least as much as the market value! It’s usually if you own a home that’s listed, or of special construction, or if it has protected features. If you have anything like this then the extra costs must be considered as well.

See PolicyCastle’s blogs on potential issues for insurers with non standard construction homes, and on the different grades of listed buildings.

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  1. Graham Ripley says:

    Good advice but it can be expensive to employ a chartered surveyor. The following link helps most of us, in return for a bit of careful effort to make a fair assessment of the right and reasonable rebuilding sum insured for our homes. The link contains links to associated websites as well.


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