Autumn home maintenance jobs

Now is the time to be sure that your home is ready for autumn and winter, before it starts to get cold. This is PolicyCastle’s checklist to run through in October.

  1. Get your boiler serviced
  2. Insulate your pipes, particularly in exposed areas like garages
  3. Check if your roof has any missing or damaged tiles
  4. If you have any chimney stacks, check they are stable
  5. Clear your gutters and drains, and check them from time to time now leaves are starting to fall. Look out for signs of water splashing over the gutters
  6. Look at your exterior walls for any areas that need repair
  7. Check your windows frames are watertight and the paint has not flaked off
  8. If you can’t remember when it was last done, particularly if you live in an old house, ask an electrician to check your wiring

If you are interested in smart home devices to monitor your home, now is a good time to look into it – see PolicyCastle’s blog on smart home insurance

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