Yellow Weather Warning for High Winds in England and Wales

Westerly winds will bring gusts of up to 60 mph along with heavy rain set to hit England and Wales tonight and tomorrow. The Met Office has more information on your local area. In Great Britain this is not unusual for this time of year, but severe weather can still cause vast damage to homes and roads, as well as power cuts and disruption to transport.

Here are 5 points on how to be prepared and stay safe before high winds, heavy rain or a storm hits:

  1. Ensure you have a torch or power light, in case of a power cut. Having no source of light in a power cut could be dangerous to you and increase the risk of damage to your contents.
  2. Tie down or store away any free-standing garden furniture, like garden umbrellas and light-weight tables and chairs. Garden furniture that is blown into houses and out-buildings by high winds is a common cause for claims, damaging windows, doors and roofs.
  3. Be aware of any trees in your vicinity that could be susceptible to damage from high winds. Avoid these areas for your safety and move your vehicles or any valuable items out of reach of any potential falling trees or branches.
  4. Be aware that your flat roof may be at higher risk to damage. Maintenance and drainage on flat roofs are not as effective as pitched roofs. PolicyCastle’s blog lays out whether you should be concerned about your flat roof. A waterproof seal that is required for flat roofs can be more susceptible to damage with excessive rain and wind exposure that the British weather can bring. This can then lead to leaks in the roof, which could cause damage to your buildings and contents. Company, Pro Flat Roofing Ltd has some helpful industry advice on how to successfully maintain your flat roof to prevent any damage to your home in the event of any future severe weather.
  5. High winds and Heavy rain could cause potential flooding. With heavy winds and rain, drains could become blocked and overflow leading to floods. High winds could affect seas. Have easy access to any sand bags you already have. If the high winds and rain does cause flooding, check out PolicyCastle’s Blog for more information if flooding is forecast in your area.

If you find your property has been damaged by the high winds and rain, PolicyCastle’s blog on what to do after a storm has hit, offers information on damage caused to your home by our British weather.


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