Cocoon smart home security system – user review

Last year the team at Cocoon very kindly gave PolicyCastle a Cocoon smart home security system to try out. We have been impressed, and made a few notes, which are below. For full disclosure, PolicyCastle now works with Cocoon to give Cocoon customers a discount on their home insurance.

Setting up Cocoon

The online instructions are very clear. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up the hardware, which involves just deciding where to put it in your home, plugging it in at a socket and then linking it to your wifi. The hardware isn’t large and it looks good.

It is quick and easy to set up the app on your smartphone and register other family members’ phones – probably another 2 minutes. There is no subscription fee so you don’t have to set up any ongoing payments. You do have to turn the Locations setting on your smartphone to ON, because Cocoon uses that to know if you are at home or not.

Use of the Cocoon app

The app is very easy to use, very intuitive, and the picture quality is good. If there is someone in your home that the device doesn’t recognise, you receive notifications in the app, and the ability to see what is happening in your home, on a slight delay, and either tell the app that is OK, or set off an alarm.

The app uses the sounds people make to recognise people that are in your home when you are not e.g. family members who don’t have phones, and stops sending users a notification when it sees them.

Cocoon don’t monitor the images from your phone. The app sends notifications when something it doesn’t expect happens and the user is able to see the images, so you have to keep an eye on it.


We are big fans of Cocoon. It works simply and easily.  Look at Cocoon’s website here.

PolicyCastle gives a discount on the cost of home insurance to customers who have certain smart home devices installed – Cocoon is one of the devices that qualifies. Get a smart home insurance quote here.

Learn more about PolicyCastle’s smart home insurance here: PolicyCastle announces the first home insurance discounts for customers using smart home devices




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