Trust in Insurtech

Many factors have led to the negative association surrounding insurance, one of these factors being the lack of trust towards insurance from loyal customers. Most insurers want to offer customers a quality service with quality products, but the reputation of insurance is shadowing this. What might be the answer? Insurtech. The insurance market is now…

Recognising the support needed for housing, through Shelter

According to a Nationwide report, as of June 2017 the average London home costs £478,142 and the average price of a UK home is £211,301, meaning it is harder than ever for people to buy and in turn affecting the rental market, as well as financial struggles for those that do own.

Safety obligations for landlords

If you are letting a property to tenants, you must keep the property safe and free from health hazards for the occupants. The Government’s regulations are clear, and they require time and investment to make sure your property is up to scratch: