Don’t let your BBQ burn more than the sausages

A glimmer of sunshine and Brits across the country are organising the first of many BBQs, but with this great British tradition comes a high fire risk.  Fire is the fifth largest cause of home insurance claims in the UK and can cause extensive damage and disruption. 

Hopping away this Easter?

Easter is a great time to spend with your loved ones and for this reason you may be travelling away from home.  Here are 3 steps to keep in mind before you start your Easter break:

Spot the signs of damage inside your home

You need to be able to spot signs of damage to your home as soon as possible, before it becomes a big problem. Five things you might want to look out for: A. Damage to your bathroom seals If the sealant around your shower or bath is missing, or starting to crack, then water may…

Storm Doris to hit the UK this Thursday

High winds are forecast in the next few days as Storm Doris will hit on Thursday, particularly affecting the North of England. If you have a garden, check for any items that could be blown around and cause damage to your property – toys, barbecues, light tables and chairs, even bicycles could all become hazards…

A stitch in time…

Check your home is secure against the elements before it starts to get cold. Here are the PolicyCastle top tips for the jobs to get done while the evenings are still warm and light.