Connected Homes – a panel discussion

For InsurTech Insider, PolicyCastle’s Co-Founder, Kristian Feldborg joins, Cocoon, Zurich and Fing to discuss the topic of what are Connected Homes and how can smart devices add value for customer user-experience and third parties.

Insurance is a real social good

CEO and Founder of PolicyCastle, Edmund Dilger talks to Cocoon on how transparency and insurtech are creating improvements for insurers and customers alike. Cocoon offers innovative ways to better look after customers and this reflects PolicyCastle’s mission. Together Cocoon and PolicyCastle have partnered to offer PolicyCastle customers a market-leading 15% discount on their home insurance…

Smart Home Devices What to Know

It is now easier than ever for people to have their lives at home made simpler and more secure through smart technology and devices, allowing full control of our home at our very fingertips. Smart devices include, cameras that use facial recognition, send notifications to our smart phone and allow remote interaction through two-way audio…

Recognising the support needed for housing, through Shelter

According to a Nationwide report, as of June 2017 the average London home costs £478,142 and the average price of a UK home is £211,301, meaning it is harder than ever for people to buy and in turn affecting the rental market, as well as financial struggles for those that do own.

Accidentally not covered when it comes to accidental damage?

When you buy home insurance you are asked if you want to add accidental damage cover to your policy. Some accidents in the home are typically covered under the standard section of your policy, but many are not so it may be worthwhile buying additional accidental damage cover. Different insurers can provide different cover, so…

Don’t let your BBQ burn more than the sausages

A glimmer of sunshine and Brits across the country are organising the first of many BBQs, but with this great British tradition comes a high fire risk.  Fire is the fifth largest cause of home insurance claims in the UK and can cause extensive damage and disruption. 

Organising a big Easter egg hunt?

It’s not quite Easter without an egg hunt. If you are organising a big Easter egg hunt at your home there are a few things to be aware of to ensure an effortless Easter hunt for all:

Hopping away this Easter?

Easter is a great time to spend with your loved ones and for this reason you may be travelling away from home.  Here are 3 steps to keep in mind before you start your Easter break:

I want to ride my bicycle! So keep your cycle safe

So now spring has sprung and the sun is shining, more of you will want to get out and about on your faithful bike again, but make sure your bike is secure. On average 376,000 cycles are stolen every year and over half of all cycle thefts in the UK take place close to home,…

Security made simple

You may have heard of insurers referring to minimum security, but what is it and when do insurers require it? Locks that would comply with minimum security to all final exit doors for most insurers would include; approved to British Standard (BS3621). 

Home insurance FAQs – flat owners

This week a lot of PolicyCastle customers living in flats have asked us questions about how they should complete some of the sections on PolicyCastle’s short application form for home insurance. So we have put the answers to these frequently asked questions in this article, to help others looking for the same information.

Saint Patrick’s Day!

One of the most favoured holidays across the world whether you’re Irish or not, Saint Patrick’s Day is worth joining the Irish cheer, who are charmed for celebrating in true Gaelic style. Just in London alone there are many events that will be going on from 17th March and over Saint Paddy’s weekend, including, a…

The building bricks, how to be covered whilst works are in progress

Looking to do some improvements or renovations to your property? Whether the works require you to vacate your property or not, always advise your insurer prior to the works beginning.  Be prepared to have a Schedule of Works to hand, showing full details of the works to be carried out.