Listed buildings – what are the different grades and categories?

If you live in a listed building, insurers typically want to know that grade or category of listing the building has. This is because the higher the grade or category the greater it may cost to repair damage. The different regions of the UK have different rating systems:

“Holiday” home or “second” home – is there a difference?

People lucky enough to have another home as well as their main home can refer to it in different ways. Like so many things in the English language, we don’t have exact defined terms that everyone agrees on. However, home insurers do mean different things when referring to “holiday” homes and “second” homes: A holiday…

Why are non-standard construction homes a problem for mortgage lenders and insurers?

Non-standard construction properties are those that aren’t built with brick or stone walls, and with tile or slate roofs. So the non-standard definition includes thatched houses, pre-fab (both post war and modern designs), timber framed houses and wood built houses. Clearly some types of non-standard construction houses are a greater risk – for example thatched…

Accidentally not covered when it comes to accidental damage?

When you buy home insurance you are asked if you want to add accidental damage cover to your policy. Some accidents in the home are typically covered under the standard section of your policy, but many are not so it may be worthwhile buying additional accidental damage cover. Different insurers can provide different cover, so…

Smartphones account for 90% of web traffic to new insurtech broker PolicyCastle

Insurtech broker PolicyCastle has seen 90% of traffic to its website from mobiles in its first two months, compared to 51% of traffic on mobiles worldwide. Worldwide, mobile browsing overtook desktop browsing in November last year, with 51% of traffic on mobiles.* PolicyCastle, the insurtech broker for specialist home insurance, has been live in stealth…

Don’t let your BBQ burn more than the sausages

A glimmer of sunshine and Brits across the country are organising the first of many BBQs, but with this great British tradition comes a high fire risk.  Fire is the fifth largest cause of home insurance claims in the UK and can cause extensive damage and disruption. 

Organising a big Easter egg hunt?

It’s not quite Easter without an egg hunt. If you are organising a big Easter egg hunt at your home there are a few things to be aware of to ensure an effortless Easter hunt for all:

Hopping away this Easter?

Easter is a great time to spend with your loved ones and for this reason you may be travelling away from home.  Here are 3 steps to keep in mind before you start your Easter break:

I want to ride my bicycle! So keep your cycle safe

So now spring has sprung and the sun is shining, more of you will want to get out and about on your faithful bike again, but make sure your bike is secure. On average 376,000 cycles are stolen every year and over half of all cycle thefts in the UK take place close to home,…

Perplexed by unclear insurance terms?

There are many insurance terms used in your policy documents that you may not be familiar with. Here are a few that frequently come up in conversations with our customers, and the explanations we give:

3 things you need to know when buying a gift this Mother’s Day

1.       Don’t buy extra insurance cover if you don’t need it Your jeweller will usually try to sell you insurance at the same time as the jewellery, but you may be buying something you don’t need.  If you are purchasing a high value item, you can usually add it to your existing home insurance policy…