Introduction to PolicyCastle – we are fundraising

PolicyCastle is a digital broker, focused on specialist home insurance, and a white label platform as a service for other insurance distributors. Introduction to PolicyCastle – we are fundraising from Edmund Dilger on Vimeo. PolicyCastle is making insurance easy, transparent and fair, using technology and data. Legacy systems have held back the insurance industry’s ability…

Trust in Insurtech

Many factors have led to the negative association surrounding insurance, one of these factors being the lack of trust towards insurance from loyal customers. Most insurers want to offer customers a quality service with quality products, but the reputation of insurance is shadowing this. What might be the answer? Insurtech. The insurance market is now…

Cocoon smart home security system – user review

Last year the team at Cocoon very kindly gave PolicyCastle a Cocoon smart home security system to try out. We have been impressed, and made a few notes, which are below. For full disclosure, PolicyCastle now works with Cocoon to give Cocoon customers a discount on their home insurance. Setting up Cocoon The online instructions are…

Rebuild value for home insurance

If you are asked for the rebuild value of your home for your home insurance quote, do not use the estimated market value if you were to sell your property. The cost of rebuilding your home is likely to be different from the value you would receive if you sold your home because you do not…

Are unoccupied properties covered by home insurance?

Some home insurers will not allow you to renew your insurance, or cover may be restricted to Fire, Lightning, Earthquake and Explosion only (FLEE), if your property has been unoccupied for more than one policy year and you expect it will remain unoccupied long-term. If you are looking for more extensive level of cover you…

Storm Aileen on the way

High winds are forecast in the next two days as Storm Aileen is due to hit much of the country this evening and tomorrow. If you have a garden, check for any items that could be blown around and cause damage to your property – toys, barbecues, tables and chairs – and put them away….

Bank holiday DIY? Insurance issues

Painting and decorating Should have little to no impact on your insurance. New kitchen, bathroom or doors If for any plumbing or electrics you need to employ a contractor in your home, any contractor should have their own liability in place to cover them for any damage caused whilst they are working in your home….

Smart home insurance ?

Smart home devices are more and more popular in the UK, from Amazon’s Alexa voice service, to remotely activated thermostats, to motion sensors – according to a study by Deloitte UK, 3% of households have a smart security system, smart thermostat or smart lighting, and 5% of households are considering buying a smart home device….

Smart locks issues

Last week, around 500 users of smart locks produced by the US company LockState found that their locks did not work properly after a faulty update was released, leaving users unable to lock and unlock homes. Lockstate apologised but wasn’t able to provide customers with an immediate solution to the issue – it took 5-18…

Flood risk assessment

Ever more homes in the UK are now at risk of flooding. In 2015/2016, 9% of new homes constructed in England were in areas at high risk of river or coastal flooding, and 4,400 homes in the last five years were built against the advice of the Environment Agency, according to an article by iNews….

Holiday home insurance

Home insurers mean different things when they talk about “holiday” homes and “second” homes: A holiday home is one that you and your family use for holidays from time to time, and may also be let to others, on holiday lets. A second home is one that is occupied frequently by you, often for a…

Listed buildings – what are the different grades and categories?

If you live in a listed building, insurers typically want to know that grade or category of listing the building has. This is because the higher the grade or category the greater it may cost to repair damage. The different regions of the UK have different rating systems: